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We welcome adults in our communities to participate in a variety of learning opportunities.

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Gardiner Area High School

The Adult Education Office is located at Gardiner Area High School in the C-Wing.
We welcome visitors. Office hours are:
Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 5:00 pm & 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 - 2:00 pm

Director: Diann Bailey
Secretaries: Cheri Weston, Brenda Evans & Mary Lou Sullivan

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September 29, 2015


MSAD 11 is currently participating in a federally funded grant called the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), which is overseen by Maine Schools for Excellence (MSFE). The focus of TIF is to support the ongoing development of teachers and administrators. Part of that work includes assessing and improving the culture and climate of our schools.

I am the chair of a state committee charged with developing tools to help schools assess school climate and culture. To date, our committee has created school climate surveys for students and staff and most recently we have developed a set of questions for parents and guardians. As chair of this committee, I have offered to ‘test’ these questions in MSAD 11. The best way to do this is for parents to meet as a group and discuss the questions and share ideas, thoughts, and perceptions abut the culture and climate of the school your child attends.

On Thursday, October 8 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm (at a location to be determined), MSAD 11 will host a Parent Focus Group to conduct the first focus group. What does this mean? – Volunteers wanted. We are seeking six parents from each of our seven schools – Helen Thompson, Laura E. Richards, Pittston, River View, TC Hamlin, Gardiner Regional Middle School, and Gardiner Area High School – to answer a few questions in small building-based groups that in addition to piloting the protocol, will provide MSAD 11 some insight about how our families think about school climate in each of our buildings. No preparation is necessary to attend this meeting.

A representative from the American Institute for Research (AIR) will help me facilitate this one hour conversation. Individual responses and comments from parents participating in this discussion will be kept confidential and will not be shared with teachers, administrators or any staff related to the school.

Learn about Land Trusts in Maine

Learn all about land trusts from Brian Kent, President of the Kennebec Land Trust Board of Directors.

Using the Kennebec Land Trust as a model, this session looks at how Maine land trusts work to identify high value landscapes, wetlands, shorelines and working forests and farms, and conserve them forever--for future generations.

Class is on Thursday, October 22 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Registration fee is $5.

To register, click on this link https://msad11.coursesto....

Rescued Recipes!

Meet first time author, Lisa Canino, and hear about her journey in writing "Rescued Recipes From My Grandmother's Trash Can". Listen to the trials and tribulations, humorous happenings, and strange coincidences that she encountered while creating a family heirloom from discarded recipes. Lisa will also bring along a sample to taste from one of the recipes in the book. This is going to be a fun and entertaining evening and one you don't want to miss. Lisa will also have her books for purchase and will be available to autograph them. A great gift opportunity for that special cook on your list.

Register at https://msad11.coursesto...

Shoot a Bear!

Learn to create amazing wildlife photos from a professional in our "Photographing Wildlife" class starting September 30. Topics will include

choosing the right camera gear
isolating subjects
dealing with backgrounds
using natural light to your advantage
how to use zoom functions effectively
choosing exposure techniques that will provide the best images
and finding uncommon perspectives

The September 30 and October 7 classes will be held at Gardiner High School. Our October 3 class will be the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray! We'll talk about animal behavior, habits, and how best to find animals in the wild. The Maine Wildlife Park is a haven for animals that cannot survive in the wild. Residents include deer, black bear, eagles, owls and more. It will make an excellent location to practice your skills.

Register today by clicking this link, https://msad11.coursesto...

Set Yourself Up for Financial Success

The temptation to spend and borrow money is everywhere. Using credit unwisely can lead to serious financial problems. We'll look at personal spending habits, available income, realistic budgeting, debt reduction and more. Learn different strategies that will help move you toward financial stability. Thursday 9/24/15 6:00-7:30 PM Registration fee: $5.00
Click to register https://msad11.coursesto...

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