Gardiner Area High School

Nestled on a hill along the banks of Maine's Kennebec River, GAHS serves 660 students from the surrounding towns of Gardiner, Pittston, Randolph, and West Gardiner. Our school is part of Maine School Administrative District #11 which maintains the schools in the Gardiner area.

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GAHS Building off limits

Please be advised that Gardiner Area High School's entire building is off limits for all staff and visitors from Friday, July 31 through the end of the day Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Please do not enter the school. If you have any questions, please contact Chad Kempton via email,

For the Love of Reading

Maria Padian, recipient of the prestigious Maine Library Association 2013 Juvenile/Young Adult Lupine Award for her novel Out of Nowhere, visited three of Ms. Gingras's Freshman English classes at GAHS. The author's tea featured Somali style tea and flatbread. Students were eager to discuss the book with the author and get the inside scoop. They urged Ms. Padian to continue writing young adult novels, and even made suggestions for a sequel. Sharing her research process on the Somali immigration to Lewiston, ME, was valuable and timely for their literary memoir assignment. One student expressed, "I fell in love with the character Myla, as much as Tom did." Another student read in character a passage from the book at the urging of his classmates. Impressed with the level of student preparedness, Ms. Padian plans to adjust her website to include author visit materials thanks to the feedback from the students. They look forward to the next great book to love as much as this one.

Prom Info 2015

Due to an oversight, Prom will officially run from 7:30 -10:30 at the Windsor Fair Grounds. Please take note of the time change.

Browntail moth caterpillars at the high school

Browntail moth caterpillars have been found on the back side of the high school. The concern is that people can develop skin rashes and/or respiratory distress after contact with the hairs of the caterpillar. You do not have to touch a caterpillar to get the rash as the hairs become airborne from the caterpillars molting.

The area has been assessed by the Maine Forest Service and direction given to grounds and maintenance. The following precautions will be followed:

If you park your car in the back of the building, keep your windows rolled up. The caterpillars feed on tree leaves and crawl upward looking for food.
The doors in the back of the building will not be used until further notice.
Do not sit on grassy areas in the back if the building. The hairs settle on the ground and the toxin can remain stable for years.
If you visit for an athletic event, look before you sit.

The area will be sprayed according to recommendations from the Maine Forest Service. This is expected to happen Tuesday of next week.

Please see the attached documents for more detailed information.

Maine Forest Service

For questions and/or concerns about the caterpillar and environmental controls, call Charlene Donahue, Forest Entomologist, Maine Forest Service, 287-3244.

For questions and/or concerns about environmental controls at the high school, call Jon Stonier, 582-6663.

For questions and/or concerns about any health effects, call your primary health care provider or Barbara Chisholm, 582-3150

2015 Budget Report

Please click on the attachment below to access the 2015 MSAD11 Budget Report.

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