Gardiner Area High School

Nestled on a hill along the banks of Maine's Kennebec River, GAHS serves 660 students from the surrounding towns of Gardiner, Pittston, Randolph, and West Gardiner. Our school is part of Maine School Administrative District #11 which maintains the schools in the Gardiner area.

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Freshman Email Passwords

Dear Freshman, your account password was reset yesterday. If you are finishing summer work, email Mr. Johnson at from an email account you have access to and he will help restore access for you. Please include your first and last name in the email. Or wait until the first day of school if you do not have any summer work assigned.

2016-2017 Semester 2 Honor Roll

Grade 9* Highest Honors:
Blanchard, Oliver Gimpel, Canning, Kailee J, Folsom, Abigail Anne, Frye, Jaime L, Kelsey, Arianna M, Kempton, Nadia Ashley, Mathieu, Atifina Gay, Nestor, Sierra Nicole, Nichols, Alicia R, Palmer, Audrey C, Paul, Caitlin Emily, Strickland, Susan Dorothy, Tran, Diane M, Turner, Kiana Lynn, Weed, Kiersten Rae, Wells, Evan J

Grade 9* High Honors:
Andre, Brooke Nicole, Brann, Haley Marie, Chadwick, Angelo Jon, Drashcovich, Seth Michael, Fitzmaurice, Paisley Olivia, Foust, Hannah Louise, Gardner, Michaela Diane, Hall, Audrey Muriel, Hart, Alex R, Hinkley, Julia A, LaPierre, Jacob Scott, Mills, Tailah M, Plourde, Jackson N, Shaw, Jared A, Smith, Haley Rose, Smith, Parker R, Snell, Jordan M, Thornton, Hailey Marie, Turner, Myles Christopher, Weston, Jakeb M

Grade 9* Honors:
Briley, Owen Christopher, Capozzi, Kyle L, Clary, Jazmin Marie, Drossel, Katherine Anne, Foster, Ellie Elizabeth, Heaberlin, Noah Bryan, Hudson, Caleb Gustave, Lunt, Ammelia Angeline, Mansir, Peter, Martin, Shane, Nelson, Tristan Lee, Rowles, Cameron S, Tweedy, Jackson T

Grade 10* Highest Honors:
Albert, Alyssa Marie, Bell, Hunter Charles, Bentley, Lucas Alexander, Berglund, Mollie Elizabeth, Berlew, Shelby Jean, Bigelow, Alexa Hope, Bourque, Casey Ingham, Chadwick, Anna Rose, Foust, Sarah Thi Lan, Frankhauser, Erin Ashley, Frith, Edna Noel, Goggin, Kiara Ann, Greenleaf, Lauren Emily, Killen, Andrew James, Ladner, Kristen Kathleen, McLaughlin, Brooke Laura, Rizzo, Cody Brian, Rossi, Renee Nicola, Smith, Syerra F, Staniszewski, Sophia Marie, Stonier, Samuel Wallace, Toman, Anna May, Walker, Madelin Marie

Grade 10* High Honors:

Carpe Librum!

**Carpe Librum! SEIZE THE BOOK!**Our GAHS English Dept. wants to send every student home with a free summer read -- so we are seeking book donations! If you have any great teen-appropriate books around the house that you'd be willing to pass along, just drop them off at the High School this week.
Our GAHS student giveaway is Thursday, June 1, and Friday, June 2, outside of English classrooms in the hallway (Thanks to Emily Allen for this wonderful poster advertising the event, and thanks to Doreen Plaisted for her generous donation toward this project!)

Blue Whale Challenge information

Parent/Guardian Alert - "Blue Whale Challenge"
Please take a moment and look over the following alert MSAD#11 recently received from the Maine Department of Education regarding a concerning smart phone app known as "Blue Whale Challenge".

The Maine Department of Education has learned that there are a number of rumors circulating about a smart phone app called the Blue Whale Challenge. Stories indicate that the app is a social media challenge targeting 10-14 year olds. Rumors suggest that this app encourages at-risk, vulnerable teens to perform specific, and sometimes harmful tasks, assigned by an anonymous group administrator. Escalating over the course of a 50 day period, the tasks lure participants into sharing personal information, and as the game progresses that information is then used against the” players” in the form of threats if they choose to stop playing. On the last day of the challenge, the only way to win is to die by suicide.

It is the Department’s intent to make you aware of the rumor and to share the most current information related to this issue. We are aware of instances across the country where administrators and other sources have been sharing information on this issue, and we do know that some students in Maine are aware of the app.

Here is a recently published article about the Blue Whale Challenge, from, that may provide some more helpful context around the app and specific rumors associated with it: Please take note of the last two paragraphs which contain information that supports the importance of awareness and prevention strategies.

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