Gardiner Area High School

Nestled on a hill along the banks of Maine's Kennebec River, GAHS serves 660 students from the surrounding towns of Gardiner, Pittston, Randolph, and West Gardiner. Our school is part of Maine School Administrative District #11 which maintains the schools in the Gardiner area.

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2016-2017 Bus Routes

The 2016-2017 school year bus routes for MSAD #11 can be found at the following link:

Click HERE for Bus routes

If you have questions then please contact the Transportation Department at (207)582-6663.

2015-2016 Semester 2 Honor Roll

Grade 9 Honors*
Sidney Bartunek, Morgan Chadwick, Kiana Cookson, Summer Dudley, Emily Harrington, Matthew Poirier, Luke Stevens

Grade 9 High Honors*
Aimee Adams, Dustin Allard, Cameron Babcock, Shelby Berlew, Jillian Bisson, Amanda Cameron, Joseph Clark, Timothy Doyle, Griffin Finch, Edna Noel Frith, Casey Gallagher, Alyssa Gould, Tanner Hebert, Tabytha Hembree, Madelyn Johnson, Desiree L. Marston, Brett Moloney, Marissa Pushard Baron, Sadie Rezin, Samuel Stonier

Grade 9 Highest Honors*
Alyssa Albert, Davis Ballou, Hunter Bell, Mollie Berglund, Casey Bourque, Eliana Brown, Anna Chadwick, Amanda Choi, Madisyn Curran, Sarah Foust, Erin Frankhauser, Kiara Goggin, Lauren Greenleaf, Ceri Gruber, Kristen Ladner, Brooke McLaughlin, Aiyana McNeill, Cody Rizzo, Renee Rossi, Anna Toman, Madelin Walker

Grade 10 Honors*
Joseph Albert, Benjamin Beaulieu, Cameron Bigelow, Tiffany Chadbourne, Marshall Clements, Hannah Dyer, Collin Foye, Kyle Johnson, Brooke Moloney, Alexys Pinkham, Chloe Reed, Morgan Rideout, Blake Robbins, Benjamin Shaw

Grade 10 High Honors*
Mikayla Bourassa, Kolton Brochu, Meghan Caswell, Danikah Chartier, Hannah Chase, Allison Dumond, Abigail Engle, Autumn Fitzmaurice, Evelyn Goulette, Savannah Green, Katy Haskell, Michael Honas, Chloe Kollman-Veit, Anton Lawrence, Daria Murray, Emily Peacock, Haley Santerre, Sheldon Saulnier, Charles Stevens, Timothy Sutter, Casey VanDenBossche

Grade 10 Highest Honors*
Avery Backus, Hannah Beaucaire, Charles Caldwell, Ashleigh Cote, Samantha Deans, Drew Gordon, Logan Granholm, Maria Kempton, Chandler Moran, Alexis Nestor, Katie Owen, Kyle Payson, Leslie Stevens, Elizabeth Walker, Austin Weymouth

Grade 11 Honors*
Brent Aleman, Mallory Bailey, Hillary Colby, Tucker Fitzmaurice, Jenna Kokernak, Kenneth LaBree, Amber Libby

Grade 11 High Honors*

MSAD #11 - Budget Referendum, June 14, 2016 - Please Vote!

Please Vote! MSAD #11 Budget Referendum June 14, 2016. Voting to take place at your local polls.

GAHS Class Day and Graduation Ceremony Online (video recorded)

If you are unable to attend the Gardiner Area High School Class Day or Graduation, the events are being live streamed on the Internet by Munzing Media.

You can view both events at the following links:

Class Day

Withdrawn Library Books

Withdrawn Library Books
The Library Commons at Gardiner Area High School has some outdated books that have been pulled from the shelves that are free to the community. Anyone interested in the books needs to contact the library at 582-3150 to set up a time to review the books before June 1.

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