No Child Left Behind School and District Report Cards for 13-14

The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires that all states, school districts, and schools provide annual report cards to parents and communities.

The report cards are made available to the public in the following ways:

1. On the district web-site,

2. A Public School Board meeting once a year.

3. Printed copies of these report cards are also available at Central Office upon request.

GardinerAreaHighSchoolNCLBReport_15-16.pdf213.13 KB
GardinerRegionalMiddleSchoolNCLBReport_15-16.pdf226.88 KB
HelenThompsonSchoolNCLBReport_15-16.pdf226.16 KB
PittstonConsolidatedSchoolNCLBReport_15-16.pdf226.25 KB
RiverViewCommunitySchoolNCLBReport_15-16.pdf226.55 KB
TeresaCHamlinElemSchoolNCLBReport_15-16.pdf225.46 KB