6-8 ELA Meetings 12/2007

GRMS Language Arts Committee, Dec.3, 2007

We met at 2:20 in 107.
Attending were: Howie Tuttle, Donna Whalen, Debra Butterfield, Diana Dionne-Morang, Judy Jamison, Susan Graves-LeClair, Sharon Mathews, Lyn Ballou, Pat O'Connor, Hope St. Denis, Kim Quirion.

Howie Tuttle attended to clarify what we need to keep in mind while writing up the ELA Curriculum Review. Basically, he said we should look at the review as an opportunity to let the school board know what we are doing and what we need. This will be ELA's chance to ask for money for materials and programs. ELA will not be reviewed again for 5 years. Our report will be combined with the reports of ELA committees from the elementary schools and the high school, so our portion should not take any more than 10-15 minutes to present .The combined report will be presented to the CCC on January 28. Howie will take the report to the school board at a later date. (Pat, Debra, Judy, and Donna have met with Rie Kittredge and other HS teachers to discuss procedure.)
Howie encouraged us to keep our report simple and informative, and to back it up with data such as we would find from the Academic Audit. He stressed that data will be especially helpful in areas we are asking to upgrade. One year's data should be sufficient. The items addressed do not need to cost money.The suggestions for "List of Strengths" and "List of What Needs Upgrading" do not all need to be addressed, they are meant to guide us. We should keep in mind needs we anticipate for the next 5 years.
Our building ELA committee will meet after the potluck lunch on December 19 to work on our review report. We have a scheduled building committee meeting on January 7. Interested members may meet at the high school with Rie Kittredge and other English teachers to compare/refine our reports on January 9.

Howie said he has been in touch with Mary Burns, a language arts consultant. She will be working with us on the March7 workshop day. We should plan to meet in the board room at CO and we should bring laptops. Ms. Burns will be showing us how to use Inspiration to fuel our instruction. There is a possibility that she will be available for two more professional development days. Sixth grade teachers should be able to use laptops from their banks as the district has purchased the Inspiration license for all laptops.
Julie Meltzer, of CRN Consultants is supposed to send Howie her estimate to come to MSAD 11 to conduct a literacy audit.

Please note: December 19 as our time to work on the review; January 7, 2:20 as our next meeting date.

Minutes, ELA, December 19, 2007

In attendance: Debra Butterfield, Pat O'Connor, Gretchen Sias, Donna Whalen. After the scheduling meeting,Judy Jamison, Susan Graves-LeClair, Diana Dionne-Morang, Kim Quirion joined us and gave us a snapshot of what had happened at that meeting.

We reviewed what the high school teachers have worked on thus far with their language arts review. We agreed to use their work as a "jumping off point". As we listed and discussed our perceived strengths, Debra Butterfield recorded them.

There was a discussion all along of the validity of the SRI testing. Perhaps the district should explore the possibility of purchasing the licensing for computerized, self-adjusting reading testing?

We are concerned with meeting the deadlines set for our ELA review. We have listed the following dates as times to work:

Th., Jan. 3-"Needs" will be addressed by Kim, Debra, Judy, Donna, anyone else who can attend.

Mon., Jan. 7-Building ELA -we will work on opening paragraphs. All building ELA teachers are invited to attend.

Tues., Jan.8-as many as possible will meet to continue with Monday's work.

Wed., Jan.9- Deb, Judy, Pat, Donna Will meet with the ELA people from the high school.

Jan. 14- District Writing Committee to meet.