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Writing: Purpose
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Writing: Conventions

Students will write an autobiography in response to assigned and self-selected prompts. For six weeks students will be experiencing a writing workshop as they work on their own life stories. This allows for students to share their ideas, receive feedback and produce their writing in class. If time is used appropriately, the project can easily be completed during class time. Each Monday students will receive an assigned topic and choose an optional topic. Students are encouraged to take the prompts home to share with family members and gather details to help them complete the prompt. Adult editing is required of all rough drafts. Students may choose to work with an adult at home or at school on editing. Brainstorming webs, adult-edited rough drafts and final drafts wil be collected at the end of class time each week. Final copies need to be word processed. At the end of the project students will publish their writing in a bound book with a cover and dedication page.

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