File: DBD


The RSU #11 Board regards the budget as a means of achieving its goal of providing a quality educational program for the students in RSU #11. In keeping with that goal, the Board will seek to provide the necessary resources, but recognizes the need to strike a balance between an ideal educational program and the Unit’s fiscal resources.

The Superintendent, in consultation with the RSU #11 Board, will determine the budget priorities for the year. The following factors will be considered:

A. The health and safety of students and staff;

B. Instructional materials, equipment, and other resources directly related to the Unit’s goals, educational programming, and student achievement of Maine’s system of Learning Results;

C. Contractual, legal, and policy obligations;

D. Adequate staffing of programs and compensation of employees;

E. Maintenance of facilities and equipment;

F. Maintenance of adequate technology resources;

G. Compliance with Federal and State requirements, including those required for the funding of programs; and

H. Fiscal resources available from all sources.

The RSU #11 Board delegates to the Superintendent the responsibility for the preparation of an annual operating budget consistent with the determined priorities. The Superintendent will develop ways for administrators, department heads, and staff to participate in the initial stages of the budget planning process.

Adopted: Prior to 1985

Revised: June 5, 1986; January 7, 1993; December 6, 2005; May 6, 2010