Kiersten Weed Earns Top Ten Honors Through Work In Video Production At GAHS

Congratulations to Kiersten Weed ! Through her work in video production classes at GAHS, Kiersten has placed in the top ten in the Kid Witness News Program's Public Service Announcement Contest.

Videos were submitted by students from 57 schools, then viewed by a panel of judges from the City University of New York, Bronx Community College, Media and Digital Film Production Program - Bronx, NY. Judges chose the top 10 videos.

Kid Witness News VIP judges will now work to select the top 3 videos. Then, an independent judge will choose the "Best Video of the Year" and “Best PSA of the Year”.

The top 3 winning videos will be announced on Friday, March 31, 2017. Good luck, Kiersten!

Click here to watch the award winning PSA video.