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Principal: Donna Tardif

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8:30 Classes Start

3:00 Walkers/Pick up students dismissed
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From the Desk of Pat Hopkins: Change in 15-16 Calendar

April 25, 2016

Re: 2015-2016 School Calendar

Dear MSAD 11 Students and Families:

Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed your vacation week away.

I want to update you on a matter regarding the 15-16 school calendar. State law requires that all students attend school for a minimum of 175 days and seniors specifically are required to attend for 170 days. Due to the number of snow days called this year, seniors are currently out of compliance with the required 170 school days. To bring them in compliance a modification to this school year’s calendar has been made.

During the April School Board meeting, the Board voted on how to resolve this issue. During the week of May 9, school will be extended by one hour all five days. According to state law, these additional 5 hours will be equivalent to one school day. This means that student dismissal will be one hour later than it usually is. Wednesday, May 11, 2016 is an Early Release Day. GAHS and GRMS students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm and elementary students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm.

As a result of extending the school day by one hour for one week the last day of school will no longer be Monday, June 20. The last day of school for all students will now be on Friday, June 17, which will be a half day of school.

I recognize that this change in the calendar may cause a hardship for some of you as schedule changes can be difficult. If you do need to dismiss your child early due to a previous appointment or commitment, our school offices will be flexible and accommodate all family needs.


Patricia Hopkins
Superintendent of Schools

Habits of Mind - Persisting

Habits of Mind - Persisting

On Tuesday, April 5th the Kindergarteners at Pittston Consolidated School hosted the monthly whole-school morning meeting. The Habit of Mind skill kindergarteners introduced to the school was Persisting. Here at Pittston we use the phrase, “Stick to it!” to remind us to keep persisting. Persistence is persevering in task through to completion; remaining focused. It is looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck and not giving up.

Kindergarteners led us in a ‘high 5’ greeting by telling us that after they accomplish something that is hard, they give each other a ‘high 5.’ After reading the morning message, they shared a video about persisting from wondergrovelearn.com. This video was about a child learning to use the xylophone and it tied in nicely with the boomwhackers that the kindergarteners learned to play for their persisting song.

The students sang and then played the boomwhackers only when singing the chorus:
We have a habit of the mind
And PERSISTING is that habit.
Stick, stick, stick to it
Stick, stick, stick, to it
And you will be PERSISTING!

They really had to persist in learning how to do this in the days before this morning meeting. Everyone was very impressed with the kindergarteners’ performance! Their hard work and persistence was evident!
Mrs. Gaudreau, Grade 5 Teacher

Reminder: There is no school tomorrow in MSAD11.

There will be no school in MSAD11 on Friday, April 15, 2016.

Write Now Conference with Lucy Calkins

A group of Pittston teachers spent this Saturday attending the Write Now Conference in NH! The day was filled with presentations by Lucy Calkins, who selected Ms. Adams and Mrs. Gaudreau (out of a crowd of over 500 people) to share the latest fifth grade benchmark pieces from Teacher's College! Then, to top it off, Mrs. Webb won a $400 Units of Study Set for Teaching Reading. Mrs. Gaudreau's lucky number was pulled and she ended the day by receiving a set of advanced copies of professional texts!

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