River View Community School

Welcome to River View Community Elementary School

Al Ghoreyeb, Principal
Wendy Drummond, Secretary

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School Vision

At River View Community School we are learners who passionately and courageously pursue knowledge, set achievable goals, embrace creativity, think critically, and actively contribute to our community, thereby finding joy in our lives.

Theatre Demonstration

Katherine Kollman, teacher at Ampersand Academy in Gardiner, gave a demonstration to River View students this week. Students learned that listening skills, cooperation, and improvisation are all needed to be in the theatre. Thank you Katherine and guests for the wonderful presentation.

Darling Center Trip

Yesterday our fifth graders had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day at the Darling Center In Walpole, Maine. Many thanks to our chaperones and G.E.P.T.A. for their time and dedication to the River View students.

Fifth Grade Invitations

Our fifth graders are bringing home invitations for their parents today, here is a sneak peak . Have a wonderful day.

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