C. Martin Picture
C. Martin Picture

Senior  -  Courtney Martin 

Musical ensembles that you’ve performed in at GAHS  -  Chorus

Number of years in Band and/or Chorus (Elementary through High School)  -  4 years

Instrument(s) you play in Band and/or your vocal part in Chorus  -  Alto

What are your plans for after high school (college, major, job, etc.)?  -  To teach English as a foreign language.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you’ve performed in high school?  -  Only in America & Africa

What is your favorite musical moment in high school?  -  When I played a part in the high school’s production of Once Upon A Mattress.

How has being involved in the high school music department impacted you?  -  I met so many amazing people that I probably wouldn't have known if I didn't take the class.

What words of wisdom would you share with the underclassmen music students?  -  Keep your phone in your backpack and don't take it out or else Walker will give you that glance that says " Give me your phone! " :)

Congratulations, Courtney!  Thank you for your dedication to the band and for sharing your musical talents with us for all of these years!!