B. Andre Picture
B. Andre Picture

Senior  -  Brooke Andre

Musical ensembles that you’ve performed in at GAHS  -  Band, Jazz Ensemble, Chorus, & Select Choir

Number of years in Band and/or Chorus (Elementary through High School)  -  Band – 8 years, Chorus – 9 years

Instrument(s) you play in Band and/or your vocal part in Chorus  -  Band – Percussion, Chorus - Alto

What are your plans for after high school (college, major, job, etc.)?  -  To obtain a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences first, and eventually becoming a chiropractor.

What honors festival have you participated in?  -  District III Honors Band, All State Music Festival Band and Orchestra, and the All New England Band Festival.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you’ve performed in high school?  -  Give Us This Day by David Maslanka

What is your favorite musical moment in high school?  -  Resting for 528 measures and hitting the gong once at the All State Music Festival with the orchestra. I actually loved it because I could sit and listen to the strings.

How has being involved in the high school music department impacted you?  -  It has given me a greater sense of individuality and confidence in my abilities. I have also made some pretty incredible friendships while being involved.

What words of wisdom would you share with the underclassmen music students?  -  Get as involved as you can and challenge yourself! You'd be surprised at what you can achieve. Also, don't take any moments for granted. I know everyone says this, but high school goes by way too fast!

Congratulations, Brooke!  Thank you for your dedication to the band and chorus and for sharing your musical talents with us for all of these years!!