Join the Summer Writing Swarm!

Join the Summer Writing SWARM! ğŸ

Looking for an opportunity to keep your writing buzzing with other Maine teens this summer, work with authors, and have your writing published? Check out this amazing opportunity below! 

🐝 The Telling Room is excited to announce SWARM! (Student Writers and Readers Meet!) their first statewide writing and publishing program. SWARM! is a digital initiative for kids and teens who would like to write and publish with other youth in new regional writing groups in Maine. Learn more:

Please contact Debra Butterfield, Teacher-Librarian, at or Lori Gingras, English teacher at with questions or requests for help. If you decide to participate in this amazing writing adventure, Ms. Butterfield and Ms. Gingras would love to hear from you to learn more about your experience! 

Please share this opportunity with young writers who might enjoy this special experience.