Update from the MSAD11 late start committee

Dear Families,

The following is an update from the MSAD 11 Late Start Committee.

The Late Start Committee was tasked with reviewing the positive and possible adverse effects of a later start to the school day for middle and high school students in MSAD #11, and the effects any changes would have on the elementary schools. The Committee is looking at a multitude of factors including but not limited to: transportation, elementary school transportation and start times, athletic schedules, students attending classes at the Capitol Area Technology Center in Augusta, child care before or after school, community opinion, and family impact.

The later school start time movement is a nation-wide trend, and is backed by many medical associations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control, and American Medical Association, all of whom recommend adolescents start school no earlier than 8:30 am. Even backed by medical research, there are mixed opinions as to whether or not schools should or could change their current schedules to accommodate a later start time for adolescent students. Because of this, the committee wanted the staff to begin thinking about the possibility of a change.

In February, the building principals brought the topic up at staff meetings and began the conversation in their schools with faculty and staff. This month, as we head into March, we ask you as students, parents, and community members to begin thinking about your feelings on the topic, as well as how it may affect your family should MSAD #11 make a change in the future.

Please go to http://www.msad11.org/o/central/browse/16042 to find more information and research on our website.