A. Frith Picture

A. Frith Picture

Senior  -  Alyssa Frith

Musical ensembles that you’ve performed in at GAHS  -  Band

Number of years in Band and/or Chorus (Elementary through High School)  -  8 years

Instrument(s) you play in Band and/or your vocal part in Chorus  -  Clarinet

What are your plans for after high school (college, major, job, etc.)?  -  I plan to attend the University of Maine at Augusta and major in nursing.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you’ve performed in high school?  -  Concert Band - Pirates of the Caribbean, Pep Band - Any of the pep band music!

What is your favorite musical moment in high school?  -  One of my favorite moments was actually my freshman year and the first day I played with the High School Band.  We were working on pep band music and the first song we played was very fast paced with a ton of high notes that I didn’t know how to play.  It took me by so much surprise because I hadn’t ever played like that and I didn’t know what I was doing.  Once I got help and got it down, I was so proud.

How has being involved in the high school music department impacted you?  -  I’ve been able to be a part of many memorable performances and I’ve made many friends.

What words of wisdom would you share with the underclassmen music students?  -  Make sure you watch Walker.


Congratulations, Alyssa!  Thank you for your dedication to the band and for sharing your musical talents with us for all of these years!!