Opening a Time Capsule: A Look into Our Past

Imagine finding in your shed a box of 50 year old photos and film that belonged to a previous owner.  What could you learn about the past? How much of the story could you piece together?

Three GAHS students have spent the last four months doing exactly this: studying over 700 slides, dated between 1964 and 1972; 50 black and white negatives; and two reels of Super 8mm film.  With the support of Dawn Thistle of the Gardiner Archives, and using old yearbooks, Google and Google Earth, deeds, obituaries, census data and other sources, they have been able to put together the pieces of a puzzle to discover a Gardiner family’s history and a snapshot of our little piece of the world.  

Join us May 22, at 6pm, in the Gardiner Public Library Reading Room as Mr Lessard’s independent study On the Kennebec class share their findings, including aerial shots, a Gardiner parade, and inside footage of Togus.  Light refreshments to follow.