G. Bolduc Picture

G. Bolduc Picture

Senior  -  Peregrine Bolduc-Ignasiak

Musical ensembles that you’ve performed in at GAHS  -  Band

Number of years in Band and/or Chorus (Elementary through High School)  -  8

Instrument(s) you play in Band and/or your vocal part in Chorus  -  Tuba

What are your plans for after high school (college, major, job, etc.)?  -  I will be attending the University of Southern Maine with a double major in psychology and criminology with an accelerated path to law.

What is your favorite piece(s) that you’ve performed in high school?  -  My favorite pieces in band that we’ve played are “National Emblem” march and “The Old Grumbly Bear” because it featured a tuba part.

What is your favorite musical moment in high school?  -  Playing at basketball games and filling the whole gym with music. Or during pep rallies freshman year using a trumpet mouthpiece in my tuba to make it squeak as loud as possible during the loudness competition.

How has being involved in the high school music department impacted you?  -  It has brought me a sense of community, a group of people who share a love for what I too love, music. It has also exposed me to high school events I probably wouldn't have participated in such as football and basketball games and pep rallies.

What words of wisdom would you share with the underclassmen music students?  -  Try eating lunch in the band room, and do not be afraid to ask questions about the piece you are playing.


Congratulations, Gwen!  Thank you for your dedication to the band and for sharing your musical talents with us for all of these years!!