Reach Students Learn About the Brain

     Do you know how many neurons (nerve cells) were in your brain when you were born and how they allow you to think and respond to your environment each day?

     Our REACH students grades 3, 4, and 5, have been learning about this 3 pound mass found inside our head which is filled with over 100 billion neurons at birth.   These neurons create a vast network of communication, much like the circuits in a computer, allowing us to learn to read, write, and understand mathematics as well as coordinating our everyday movements as we walk, exercise, participate in sports, or dance. This neural network continues to expand and adapt as we learn throughout our lifetime.  Incredible!

     Students are encouraged to become brain athletes.  By exercising your brain, you can make it stronger.  Like playing a sport, practicing allows you to improve and hone your skills.  Your brain becomes stronger with learning and practicing.  The cliche “use it or lose it” truly does apply to our brains.  Challenge your brain to work everyday and strengthen those neural connections which will result in a stronger, smarter brain.