Why Kindness?
River View Community School is participating in the nationwide School Kindness Challenge.  We believe that this is the perfect way to promote kindness among our students and school community.  Through this challenge we will be teaching our students the skills and attitudes to have a positive mindset which will then encourage a kind and helpful attitude and actions both in school and life.

Over the next month we will be focusing our attention on building and encouraging a positive mindset amongst our students.  Each classroom will teach lessons that will teach, practice, and encourage conversations in the area of having and building a positive mindset.  Over the course of the year we will be continuing our lessons on the importance and skills of being kind.  Staff and students will work together to create kindness activities throughout the school year.  

We encourage you, as parents, to get involved in the challenge.  Encourage your child to practice kindness in various activities.  Talk with them about their choices in different conversations, be a role model and practice kindness everyday at home.  Ask questions that allow your child to reflect and share positive moments that they had in their day.